BBVA Joint meeting with The Veterinary Invertebrate Society on 19th May 2018

BBVA Joint meeting with The Veterinary Invertebrate Society

The reason for bringing the two societies together for the first time is to share our knowledge and identify common ground where the two organisations may benefit from each other. Prof Giles Budge from University of Newcastle has expertise in pathology, apiculture, molecular biology and crop protection. His research characterising endemic and emerging parasites and predicting likely impact.

School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey (Manor Park Campus), Guildford


10:00 Arrival. Coffee. Viewing of literature

10:30 Welcome to Surrey University Dr Chris Palgrave
Welcome to VIS Meeting Steve Trim
Welcome to BBVA Meeting Dr John Hill

Session 1: BBVA Chairman: Dr John Hill

11:00 BBVA Keynote Speaker: Foul Brood diseases. Prof Giles Budge

12:00 BBVA Keynote Speaker: Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus. Prof Giles Budge

13:00 Lunch

14.00 Session 2: VIS Speaker TBC

16:15 Tea. Final discussion BBVA/VIS collaboration

Close of meeting