Vomiting bumblebees show that sweeter is not necessarily better

Animal pollinators support the production of three-quarters of the world’s food crops, and many flowers produce nectar to reward the pollinators. A new study using bumblebees has found that the sweetest nectar is not necessarily the best: too much sugar slows down the bees. The results will inform breeding efforts to make crops more attractive […]

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Smart single mother bees learn from their neighbours

Solitary female bees inspect other nests for signs of danger before making decisions on where to build their own, a new London-based study suggests. The study, led by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, found the clever bees looked for signs of parasite infection in other species‘ nests and used this information to select a […]

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Researchers find bee species where males perform babysitting duties

  A team of researchers with Charles University and the Czech Academy of Science has discovered a species of bee where males guard a nest while females are off gathering food for their young. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study of Ceratina nigrolabiata and what […]

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