April 2022 BBVA Webinars

To watch the webinars that took place in April 2022 please click on the below imagery to be taken to the webinar video.

Northern Ireland Bee Keepers – Winter Webinars 2022

1 So you want to be a confident beekeeper – Celia Davies

2 Produce a good nuc and use it well – Randy Oliver

3 Bee viruses past, present and future – Prof Robert Paxton

4 The swarm: reproduction at colony level – Prof Jamie Ellis

5 Queen rearing for the small producer – Randy Oliver

6 Silent Earth – Prof Dave Goulson

7 A year in the life of a honeybee colony – Prof Jamie Ellis

Advisory Leaflets:

  • Managing Varroa pdf (Last updated April 2017)
  • Small Hive Beetle pdf (Last updated April 2017)
  • Foulbrood Disease of Honey Bees pdf (Last updated Apri 2017)
  • Tropilaelaps: Parasitic Mites of Honey Bees pdf (Last updated April 2017)
  • Starting Right with Bees pdf (Last updated December 2016)
  • Statutory Procedures Advisory Leaflet pdf (Last updated June 2017) – Please note this leaflet is only available as a PDF
  • Common Pests, Diseases and Disorders of the Adult Honey Bee pdf (Last updated
    Courtesy The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright

    Oct 2015) – Please note this leaflet is only available as a PDF.

  • The National Bee Unit pdf (Last updated May 2009) – Please note this leaflet is only available as a PDF.

Best Practice Guidelines:

The National Bee Unit has put together a series of Best Practice Guidelines, which will cover the essentials of the craft of beekeeping. These are available below:


Fact Sheets:

Courtesy The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright
  • A Simple Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap pdf
  • Acarine (Tracheal Mites) pdf 
  • Apiary Hygiene and Quarantine pdf
  • Bee Medicines pdf
  • Bee Safari’s pdf
  • Bees pdf   
  • Beltsville and Pyrethroid Resistance Testing pdf
  • Bumblebees pdf   
  • Care of Colonies After Shook Swarms pdf
  • Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus pdf
  • Control of European Foulbrood pdf
  • Control of Small Hive Beetle pdf
  • Estimating Varroa mite populations pdf
  • Fumigating Comb pdf
  • Helping Bees pdf
  • Hive Cleaning and Sterilisation pdf
  • Open Mesh Floors pdf
  • Oxytetracycline Treatment of Colonies with European Foulbrood pdf
  • Preparing Your Colonies for Winter pdf
  • Queen Trapping pdf
  • Replacing Old Brood Comb pdf
  • Shook Swarming pdf
  • Solitary Bees pdf
  • Swarm Control When You Can’t Find the Queen pdf
  • Using Artificial Swarming for Varroa Control pdf
  • Using Drone Brood Removal for Varroa Control pdf
  • Using Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Control pdf
  • Veterinary Medicines Administration Record pdf
  • Wasps pdf
  • Wax Moth pdf

Healthy Bees Plan:

International Beekeeping Training Manuals:

The development of this basic beekeeping manual was sponsored by The Waterloo Foundation in 2009 and has been produced in many languages. If you are travelling oversees and wish to print off copies of the relevant manuals to take with you, the PDF versions can be found below.

Shona Advanced Beekeeping Manual
Shona Basic Beekeeping Manual
English Advanced Beekeeping Manual
English Basic Beekeeping Manual
French Advanced Beekeeping Manual
French Basic Beekeeping Manual
Chichewa Basic Beekeeping Manual
Hausa Basic Beekeeping Manual
Kinyarwanda Basic Beekeeping Manual
Swahili Basic Beekeeping Manual